Blue Bird Groups is Not Just a Group of Companies. But is a VISION of Mr. Punith Kumar.

Here’s something that the most powerful entrepreneurs know,but the average person doesn’t.

" Growing Your Business is actually about Growing yourself "

Most of us think of our professional identities in terms of what we contribute at the workplace.

Which we perceive to be expansive & complex, from the skills & the output that we’re capable of offering, which we largely perceive to be finite and this is where we all make our first mistake.

I do like to tell about my entrepreneurship journey, where I came to start a business, under particularly extraordinary circumstances on all at my own personal guarantee.

If I didn’t give them the results, which my clients were looking for, I would return them every single rupees they paid me.

Most of us head into the experience seeking confirmation that we will be properly compensated for the work. But most of us, as it turns out, are thinking about our potential incorrectly. What made our approach so unique and so utterly brilliant is that we realized something that very few people come to understand.

Author & Business Consultant

Punith Kumar

Author & Bio

Venture Capitalist

Punith Kumar

Most of us see our potential as limited. Therefore, we are fear giving too much of it away.

We want to save our best ideas for ourselves.

We want to be compensated appropriately for the contributions that we make,

But coming into Blue Bird Groups, weknew something that was incredibly profound.

What we realized is, if you’re able to tap into what is limitless inside you, you will realize that there’s no end to your professional value, and to creative potential.

There is No End to the results that might reap. The secret to success, as it turn out, is not to hide away the best part of yourself in order to maximize value.

The secret is to be continuously clearing away the second best idea, in order to make room for the better one that’s hiding behind it. The one that can only be realized once you have broken through your current frame of reference. Because that is how true abundance operates.

If you get fixated on what you get back in exchange for the work, you will never be operating to your full potential.

If you’re focused on what you can add to your environment,through your work, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

When we started Blue Bird Groups, we quickly earned something from the day one from our clients. Which others would invest years to achieve.

Blue Bird Groups earned trust because of our Networking, Hard work & confident, about the value we have provided and we were so eager to be Self Esteem, Smart work & Net worth.

We knew it would come, because we knew there’s No such thing as providing too much value.

There is No such thing as expressing too much of anybody potential.

There is No such thing as running out of resources that is our own mind.

There is No Limit on that impact you can have on the world, because your Value doesn’t cheapen when you share with others, but it multiplies and your potential to achieve the Extraordinary multiplies alongside it.

"Eyes are useless, when the mind is blind."

  • DOB: 13th July 1986, Bangalore
  • Founder & CEO
  • Venture Capitalist,
  • Author & Business Consultant
  • Awarded by Bharth Vikas Rathan, New Delhi

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