Mr. Punith Kumar is the founder of Blue Bird Group of Companies, serving people for more than ten years. He has been writing and developing drafts and is committed to publishing books throughout his calendar year on various subjects.

Being a specialist in the real estate sector and an entrepreneur with zeal to share his success, Mr. Punith Kumar is a proud recipient of the Bharat Vikas Ratan Award, from "Economic of health and Education Growth, New Delhi."

He became successful in his field through his flexible and result-oriented approach. He believes that "If the fundamentals are correct, then one can use any common elements to grow in life irrespective of the industry."

His belief made him unique in the world of real estate. Even after being regarded as a non-conformist of this competitive industry, he stuck to his philosophy and derived productive results without compromising his values.

Apart from being a real estate specialist, he has been providing consultations and helping people in the field of self-development, psychological assistance and goal-oriented approach for a better future. He is committed to consistent sharing of his knowledge and helping people through his writings and drafts.

Author & Business Consultant

Punith Kumar

    Books authored by : Mr. Punith Kumar

  • Basic Guide for Non-Profit Organization - Capacity Building of the NGO – challenges of NGOs and non-governmental organizations and guides to establish them in a systematic and disciplined way.
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns & Resource mobilization for charities & small NGO’s- the source of strength for NGO’s
  • Micro Finance as sustainable solutions for NGOs- A differentconcept of progress.
  • Seven Chapters of success of your NGO- Information, and knowledge empower NOG's to fulfill their missions of serving the communities.
  • Leaders-Made or born- Difficult subject made with a simple outlook
  • You can be a supernatural Manager- A long-awaited definition revealed
  • DOB: 13th July 1986, Bangalore
  • Founder & CEO
  • Venture Capitalist,
  • Author & Business Consultant
  • Awarded by Bharth Vikas Rathan, New Delhi

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