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Clients & Partners

clients & Partners
Data & Business Management (BPO)

We ensure hassle free data entry, processing, recruitment and BPO services to our clients with the quality assurance we have always stood for. Our services are highly demanded for its quality standards and parameters it takes account of. We provide customized services to a number of industries including Information Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Supply Chain, Market Research, and Travel Industry.

We offer exhaustive data services that are required by a host of industries and benefit many companies such as Accounting, Mobile, Publication Houses, Mutual Funds, and Universities etc. Our data services include the following:

Hard books/soft copy data entry, data entry from all types of image sources, insurance claims and accounting and book keeping services. We offer data entry services for a number of industries and have the following capability:

  • 100 data entry operators
  • Consistent speed of 40 words per minute
  • 99% accuracy in keying
  • Time line delivery
  • FTP access with 8 Mbps leased line
  • Separate Logistics room for Hardcopies of Forms/Books
  • Double key and Double QC followed based on client requirement.
  • Frequent backup of data.
  • Client preferred software and proprietary software

We offer reliable data processing services, converting one electronic format to another. We offer improved conversion solutions with innovative techniques and experienced manpower. Besides converting files we also meet the unique formatting requirements through multi-level process. Our in-depth industrial experience helps us to understand the exact conversion requirements and offer our clients the apt conversion methods.

We offer data conversion services in PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kind of document format and paper to XML, HTML, SGML and structured formats to our clients across the globe within the pre-determined time frame.

Type of conversion undertaken:

  • HTML/XML Conversion
  • SGML Conversion
  • Hard Book Conversion to required format for publishing
  • PDF to required word processing format

In addition to this, we use the following tools for our array of conversion services:
OCR Tools : Abbyy Fine Reader, Prime OCR, Omni Page Pagination Tools- Quark Express, Adobe In design, Frame maker, 3B2, Tex/Latex, Adobe Photoshop.
Editors: Edit Plus, Ultra Edit, Epsilon 5, Crimson Editor, Hot dog web editors

Advantage of XML Conversion: Converting the documents to XML assists the Web publish or handle held services easily.

SGML Conversion: SGML conversion involves numerous steps and processes and the key steps in SGML conversion would be:

  • Analyzing data and developing DTD (Document Type Definitions)/Scheme
  • Developing and writing SGML conversion specification
  • Implementing software for SGML processing
  • Proofing, Validation and QC Audits

It is vital for any business & information system to have accurate data or it will cause error in reports, invoices and projects at the customer's end.

We offer a wide range of data validation services depending on the project requirements.
Validation is done as per the rules defined per country on how to check and verify the data. Consistency is maintained to keep the data in databases of any application. Fraudulent manipulation of a load profile can be detected using Validation. As part of invoicing, data must be almost immaculate and so faulty or invalid data must be pointed aside to allow further treatment. Forecasting cannot afford to use faulty or invalid data to forecast statistics.

We do data validation in two ways - through telephone and through internet, the data base will be provided by the customers to validate the name, address, contact details, mail id and URL address for their clients. The process involves both voice and entry.

 It is one of our specialized services that improve quality and enhance the utilization of imagery as per requirements of the clients. We offer the following in our services:

  • Scanning and Photography
  • Photograph your products.
  • Scan and process images from existing printed material.
  • All scanned images can then be processed to correct image imperfections.

Scaling and Cropping
All images can be scaled up/down or cropped appropriately to fit into a webpage without loss of any important details.

Color Adjustments
Digital photographs majorly have issues with brightness, contrast and quality of color. Lack of color can often be adjusted to make images more vivid and life-like.

Blending and Texturing
We can combine two or more photographs and apply blending and texturing on the new combined image.

In addition to these we can do advanced processing as per requirement.
We provide cost effective services to scan all types of documents using the latest technology available and also provide post scanning techniques catering to the client's requirement.

  • Document scanning
  • Image scanning
  • Full text OCR
  • File naming, coding & indexing
  • File search & retrieval solutions
  • AutoCAD drawings

Bulk Document Printing

  • Document Printing
  • Image Printing
  • Laser Printing
  • A3,A4,Legal, (Color; Black & white)
  • Off Site/ On Site

Market Research Services
Our in-depth expertise in market research services has proven result to several market research companies to reduce their cost in handling market research activities and to complete the research in time. Our experts offer the following expertise in market research services:

  • Data Entry, Data Scrutiny and Data Cleaning of all type of Market Research Field Survey Forms
  • Field Survey in all the Metros and Towns and in all the regional languages
  • Telephone Interviewing- B2C and B2B- 40 telephones with Voice logging.
  • Online Questioner Design in PHP and with all kind of reports.
  • Providing Online Surveys through live chat

Our marketing research network & telemarketing data collection services include:

  • Interactive Web Based and Telephone Work Stations
  • Inbound Call Response Center to Maximize Completion Rates, to boost participation ratio
  • Trained Interviewers
  • Trained Data Entry operator exclusively in Market Research
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